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christ on parade – the plague-mirror image

por favor espere um momento...

[the plague]

humanity is a parasite feeding of the earth
destroying it’s own habitat sucking all life dry
civilisation’s a cancer reaching out it’s polluted grasp
leaving no corner untouched killing all that lives

people have lost their ability
to live in harmony with the earth
now they’re only mindless cells
spreading a terminal disease

living in our own excrement’s become a part of daily life
distracted by useless products to forget the pain
reward the leaders who tell you how nice it is
again and again and again they stab you in the back

suffocating in our own sh-t has become a part of daily life
creating celebrities to forget our own dreary lives
while fueling the desire to dominate
we breathe the ashes of our hopes and dreams

[mirror image]

from the day i was born i was told things were this way
why i have leaders and why i must obey
i was led to believe what they say is fact
to trust those who told me and never answer back
they told me i had freedom but never how much
to question their own existence was never brought up
everything’s the opposite of what you’re taught in school
conditioning, not learning, is the job they’re there to do
i see the sh-t so clearly, but how can i explain
thoughts and ideas that have never entered their brains

- letras de christ on parade

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