letras de chris connely – no lesser of two evils

por favor espere um momento...

it’s a changing place exaggeration told me to my face
far beyond the core of innocence too eager to embrace
i retorted with the reasoning ‘she may be hypnotized
with a closely guarded secret’ then i looked into her eyes
if you find a good reason and the reason is wrong
take out your solitude and tell me i’m wrong
i’m still burning in my dreams every night
solemn and serious you turn out the light
once when we quarrelled and she walked outside
was the last time i saw her alive
in the face of disception and the urges involved
i kept it as our surprise
and mention that eternally like lovers to the end
security impurity my two and only friends
i could walk into disaster she could jump into a lake
the i realised the obvious was all we had to stake
if you can’t see me then i can see through myself
she only hurries when she reads the mail(?)
hearts inbetween them it’s as close as a dream
all covered highly tension of the life that we lead
baby as you turn around cause i’m lying to myself
regrets the resting now come back better he than someone else

- letras de chris connely

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