letras de chief keef – who dat

por favor espere um momento...

im the type of n-gg- to have 100 shots in the glock
you the type of n-gg- to get smacked by a thot
im getting all this cash i remember selling crack
now i got the money
now i got the set
i can buy yo building n-gg-, i can buy your set
since i dont ride no lexus i pull up in a lexus
shootin at you n-gg-s and the bullets sound like nexus
i dont stop for n-gg-s, im to busy p-ssing
why they keep saying bang?
i dont even know
thats that old sosa
bang 3 a hoe
i leave a hoe, before i beat a hoe
pullin up so fast cause im illigal hoe
smokin on this tooka blowin this sh-t like a fan

- letras de chief keef

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