letras de chetta – martha francois girbaud

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[verse 1]
oddy mix half a addy with a half of xannie
pouring up sipping fours in my dirty f~nny
give a f~ck about no hoe they accommodate their panties
for another bump to call she will get straight to dancing
smoking loops, im out the dope california im guessing
k!ll em all for the fam like im charles manson
bodies soaking in the soil underneath my new mansion
bust the soda to boil, leak em up like straight to dancing

[verse 2]
dog food by the bag serve em right out the patrick
stash spot in the bed, hunnid racks on my mattress
let my b~tch carry d~cks, make you think she a trannie
put the yappa out the closet they gone straight to dancing
dressing up all black like i am marilyn manson
put the chain out my shirt, diamonds get to dancing
rockstar with the work, neighboorhood recommended
bust the package, kush down, now my scale gets to dancing

- letras de chetta

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