letras de charlie landsborough – heaven knows

por favor espere um momento...

if people dressed in colours
according to their deeds
then many leading men
would dress in black
and lots of unsung heroes
who never made a name
would be walking round
with gold upon their backs
heaven knows
you’re a rose
and the love inside your heart
just grows and grows
no one sees
i suppose
that it’s something only me
and heaven knows
if people were like flowers
imagine what you’d see
th-rns in highest places
where the roses ought to be
and down along the hedgerows
among the gr-sses tall
you would find the sweetest
roses of them all
repeat chorus:
if people were like music
some hearts would never sing
think of all the happiness
a song like yours could bring
you fill the life i’m living
with love and harmony
and you’re the sweetest song
i’ll ever see
repeat chorus twice:
that it’s something only me
and heaven knows

- letras de charlie landsborough

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