charles hamilton – scorpion

por favor espere um momento...

yo a couple more stacks from a couple more tracks
she gon love it more when i show up at her door
that’s what the rush is for back to the hustle board
i want a woman that want it all
the f-ck is wrong with that
i’m a n-gg- from the streets while she’s in a penthouse
i be seein her breezy, but she seein…
but i don’t care i could feel it in my stomach
i could run it, she want it
if not than god must be a woman
that stay blunted stay spreading her love
but she’s cool when she high so someone get her a dutch
baby i swear i be lookin ahead
you read a book you read
i m-ssage your foot at the foot of the bed
now that i got your undivided
let’s get lost in the melody the drums could find us
i want you alone please or now
either way you got me on my knees wow

get your pretty -ss over here girl i ain’t even tryna play with you
i said get your pretty -ss over here girl that ain’t even what i came to do
i said get your pretty -ss over here girl gotta say it like that so you could feel it
gotta do it like that so you could feel it gotta give it to you like that so you could feel it, feel it?

oh golly, mommy flyer than polly
she said “why these crackers all jock me? ”
i said “cause you make em whistle, got me? ”
she’s c-cky got on her “i can not be stopped” jeans
and her armagaddas ride around the block tee
mad fly mad subtle but a hot piece
or a cold woman i’m warming up to
sure enough she was doin some warming up too
i mean, i’m kinda cool, i admit
if the industry is like high school, i’m the sh-t
my music’s legit, f-cked too many chicks
that’s before i was even considered new in this sh-t
this was back when it was struggle or be doin this sh-t
so we could talk until we blue in the lips
as long as i could pick which two i wanna kiss
my favorite color is pink, and i’m used to being zipped, ya dig?


i’m not your man his resume is better
but i learned yesterday that i should never say never
maybe if you let some faith mayweather yesterday
we could sit with tomorrow (tamara) which what i wanna call my daughter
accept it baby i never made a separation between the mess i made and the getaway
perhaps it’s an illusion, that’s the conclusion
or listening to tracks that can trap me in rumors
is she talking to me? is it someone else when i picked up?
i give up unless you’re up and i could give it to you
you’re still smiling either way what’s the difference to you
i hope this… is getting to you and getting to you
you don’t get it do you? maybe you do and i just like to say that you don’t
prepare for the day that you say that you won’t until then,
i’ll be laying alone


i dunno if i’m infatuated or… or if i’m just like every other guy
i’m just gonna ask you one question, do you think i give a f-ck what every other guy feels about you?
charles hamilton

said i really want you baby [x14]

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