letras de cham – ben down (feat. o)

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[verse 1: bay cham]
ten grand fuh de hawt s-xy gyal dem
way yuh whine and ah madder have de man dem
show dem rude government who have to band dem
apologize so big up de song man dem
k!ll de pace with dem whine tuh de tweeta
cause meh wah see some hawt senorita
get mad inna de middle of de street ya
so anytime of de year dat sick beat ya

[hook: o] (x2)
bend down like ah d-ck yuh sit down pon
make it bounce like ah wood you ah bump pon
make it shake like ah body you ah come pon
whine pon de floor like ah man you ah whine pon

[verse 2: baby cham]
get mad bruk out, bruk way
batti pon ground call all us yuh say
sit down pon ah — like ah you –
ah not care if it big spin it round like ah
turn it up, turn up de heat
you mussie — sugar how you whine so sweet
and you are de momma show ah gyal how fi do it
wah meh say use yuh body sweep de whole street


verse 2: baby cham]
gyal how yuh complexion so clean
how yuh do it gyal yuh time to heal
how yuh shake yuh body get de man dem fi cheer
step out cuh yuh cute and — dem career
get loose, balance pon yuh toes
bat yuh fat p-ssy gyal and skin up yuh nose
gyal you ah de queen cuh yuh —
every one suit yuh have gyal pack up yuh clothes and

[hook] (x2)

[verse 1]

[hook] (x2)

- letras de cham

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