chad jeremy – willow weep for me

por favor espere um momento...

willow weep for me
willow weep for me
bend your branches green
along the stream that runs to sea
listen to my plea
listen willow and weep for me
gone my lover’s dream
lovely summer’s dream
gone and left me here
to weep my tears into the stream
sad as i can be
hear me willow and weep for me
whisper to the wind
and say that love has sinned
leave my heart a-breaking
and making a moan
murmur to the night
to hide the starry light
so none will find me sighing
and crying all alone
weepin’ willow tree
weep in sympathy
bend your branches down
along the ground and cover me
when the shadows fall
bend oh willow and weep for me

- letras de chad jeremy

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