letras de cgm – mad about bars

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: kenny allstar & producer tag]
oh what, you thought i was done?
you thought i was rubbed?
it’s kenny allstar
when i speak, the streets listen
it’s about that time i bring through cgm
sav’o, digga d, zk

[verse 1: zk]
is she real or not?
i swear, right now, i can’t tell
said she wanna hold this spinner
if the trident come, she’ll sing like adele
still discharge these bells, burn my kicks and cut my nails
i can chop this work by eye, i ain’t gotta use them scales
and i just got a baby 9 but all now, i can’t pattern up bells
now i’m breaking my neck in the p-ssy, why? ‘cah i think that we’re getting tailed
that’s due to intel, gelato inhale, the crack’s looking pale
we washing it up and letting it dry, then hitting them sales

[verse 2: digga d]
12-years-old, got nicked with dro
aged 13 when i bought me a fl!cky
aged 14, i was flying up o
aged 15 when i stacked some bands so aged 15 when i bought me a pole
aged 16 when i had two ams but aged 17, man bussed them both
aged 18 and i’m fresh out the can
new gyal, new waps, new smoke
my liverpool plug got nicked, p-ssed and now i gotta get new c0ke
dread if i whip me a z and i don’t get all of it back when it locks
ever see two white b-tches drowning? now i’m in the pyrex saving rocks
ever been on the strip, bait, fire and all you can see is a fox
all i do is drill and rap, one hand on my hip, man seen them hop

[verse 3: sav’o]
see a opp anywhere, man do him
slapping off blanks won’t count as a booting
wet man down, it was bait
never kept that splash, saw a drain and threw it
striker way too cheffy, messy
shank wounds leave man clueless
she come to the ends, give neck
bop her head, there’s nuttin’ more to it
i want bread so i get it
3 double 0, get cheffin’
zk on the front of the ped, me on the back, i’m giving directions
who’s that? what’s that? chef him
everything i done, man, i meant it
done ‘nough sh-t and i don’t regret it
avoid them cameras, i don’t get questioned

[verse 4: zk]
everyone gon’ do that and everyone gon’ do this
and nowadays everyone’s bad, but who’s gonna take that risk?
i can step with six in the spin but i gotta save three ’cause the tables flipped
and i’d rather get judged by twelve ’cause i can’t get carried by six
still double wrap crack in cling or 1.1s in liquorice rizz
don’t get caught in the mix, no instagram pic, double tap that stick
in the kitchen me and drip drip, i’ll bet he’ll finesse this whip
i just got me a pack on tick so i don’t wanna flop this flip

[verse 5: sav’o]
i recognise real but all i’m seeing is nerds, word
man can’t talk ’bout dirt if you ain’t stepped and mashed that work
everyone talk ’bout drill but got a career when it’s time to lurk
i want this bread, i love loaf
my stack ain’t little like durk
peng tings wanna flex with the gang
she ten-out-of-ten but my eye’s on cash
ice went ham, both hands in the trap
jail three times and i can’t go back
peng gyal on man from kway
naughty ones, do things for the squad
they rap ’bout numerous drillings
i’ll tell you for free, they ain’t doing a lot

[verse 6: digga d]
any ps man get from a show, you know that’s skeng dough
i stepped on my j and slapped it, i caught me an am then went home
jump on a ped and rev, really tryna catch me a one like headie
i been in the t for the mula, i spent 86 on the nine, that’s ready

[verse 7: zk]
i just got a dots for a monkey, got the drop and i brought that asap
r6 or 3 double 0, i got the wildest thoughts like k-trap
chase him down ’til he leak, shave man down, oh sh-t, i can’t say that
bro just got him a k, mental
all he wanna do is spray that

[verse 8: sav’o]
step ’round there with sticks
come on, you know i’m tryna m man’s dargs
fresh out the can and i’m seeing them ads but i just wanna break down ‘ard
the feds try think i’m a d-ckhead, joker, they can never play that card
i’ll show they ain’t out in the deep end, shallow, they’re paro, they’re switching their cars
don’t you know that this spin ting’s local?
huncho’s locked so i’m doing up postals
there’s politics in my hood but us man ain’t really into the socials
do a drill, don’t need no screws, opps, dem snitching, doing up vocals
get the drop, you’re dropping
i’ll slide ’round there in a phone call

[verse 9: zk]
still scr-ping bowls when i lock it, jail time had me riding losses
and nowadays everyone’s trapping, talk ’bout bands when i change the topic
and everyone’s chattin ’bout yay, mine’s different to yours, you ain’t seen no profit
and if you’re rapping in ‘018 and your shank is a virgin, i beg man stop it

[verse 10: sav’o]
js, js
man don’t care ’bout friends, i bang for my bros, that’s cgm
they talk ’bout drill but got a career when it’s time to step
peng gyal take wood, give neck and i’ll get man down if he owes me bread
woiyoi, the opps, dem know we run west

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