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ceremonial castings – barbaric is the beast

por favor espere um momento...

rise oh great one, indulge in the womb of virgins’ blood
desire the hunt, the hunt that draws the flesh of reconciliation

awake from your slumber, the time has come to regain the throne.
rise within the shadows, strike upon the breast of hope

barbaric is the beast

conjured is the day of reckoning
blessed we stand in the shadows
the dawn of solitude is upon us
… the birth of the beast…

repaint the throne with sacred crimson
eclipse the heart of hope
sear the earth with b–st–lity
upon this torso of land… to tear the throat

stain the soil with the blood of the lamb
we are wolves among the sheep
riddance to the race of pity
blinded by the faith they seek

we stand before your kin
shadows of the past conceiled in sin
our poison spreads within the roots
injection of our seed and force fed the fruits
retribution in the sign of h-rns
infiltrate the womb, a new breed is born
pillage the land from the west to the east
dimished is the realm, barbaric is the beast

- letras de ceremonial castings

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