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cathedral – nocturnal fist

por favor espere um momento...

riding this blackened life, this odyssey
searching for the keys that set you free
from emptiness, futility, mountain of strength? you can be
stop hiding in the void, come ride with me
in the darkest hour, wear your crown of stars
pain and funeral power strengthens your black heart
reading through the lines that square you in
believing in yourself, your only sin

a routine life of sheep in line, stand out child,
you will shine
in darkness you alone can be divine
in your darkest hour you are made of stars
pain and funeral power strengthens your balck heart
black odyssey, a search to be free
look for the keys, come ride with me
see through the lies with funreal insight
then you will shine in darkness divine
raising a fist to nocturnal skies
slaying through the mist that clouds your eyes
senses alive, see through their lies
death routine nine to five
screaming awake to life as the world dies.

- letras de cathedral

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