letras de catch – goodbye

por favor espere um momento...

capture me with your charms and die here in my arms
before i have the chance to set things straight.
lay there in the cold. leave me growing old.
and then i wonder if time might wait.
you had it all – is that such an awful game for us to play? why throw it all away?
you had it all; now i’m dying to say
goodbye to love. goodbye to love. goodbye.
goodbye to love – will i never had enough. goodbye to love? goodbye.
where did you plan to go, buried in sand and snow?
i need a kiss to know you’re not asleep.
with love like a sacrifice to the h-ll that is paradise.
i hope eternal life will come so cheap.
you had it all – when all comes to all. that’s not a fair exchange.
well. you didn’t want to change.
you had it made – and i stayed – ’cause you couldn’t bear to wait.
i would battle with the fates just to see your face.
or even take your place; it’s such a dreadful waste.

- letras de catch

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