letras de cameron angel – done

por favor espere um momento...

verse 1
you bring out the devil inside
you can run but you cant hide
i was not, satisfied
gone from inside of my mind

i hate you when you lie
i thought you were all mine
i thought we would be fine
not today, not this time

i miss the warning sign
clear my mind, purified
its all done, my hands are tied
contemplate suicide

i don’t want
i don’t want you
we are done
we are thru (2x)

you and me
we are done
i am free
we are done (2x)

verse 2
what we had is all gone
time has come to move on
i’m not where i belong
its not right, its all wrong

i cant deal, anymore
i will show u the door
this time i, cant ignore
i don’t want, an encore

kill my buzz, when i’m high
don’t come back, say goodbye
sun has set, say goodnight
i love you, no reply

- letras de cameron angel

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