letras de callisto coretta – what comes to my mind (see nobody)

por favor espere um momento...

[verse : aqua coretta ]
and i thought that i hopped in noah’s arc for a better place
but it was no holy thing that set sail
i’m all in, i’m ready to pay
we don’t play, told the old man to just get out my way
it’s complicated today
but nothing could phase us
cuz my clique opaque just like my f~cking blazer
we stay frontin but never stumble
my stomach rumbling from deep loss
and deep thoughts i gathered across
multiple tapes and scars
this sh~t goes back to the roots
i had a black thought
that maybe one day we could call a truce
and go on with our lives
ain’t no b~tch i could turn in a wife
ain’t no thought that feels clear when it’s deep in the night
we stay in our bags
we deep in them right
when i drop i know motherf~ckers are feeling the vibеs
when i die i might just come back to lifе
just to spit another line or slit my sh~t again
a mad person at the pen but in real life i’m calm as sh~t
stuck in a pit, c~ck the gun cuz’ i’m ready to fly
told my momma can she see her son when she look me in my eyes
cuz truly i can’t see no one bro i can’t see n0body
truly i can’t see no one
truly i can’t see n0body

- letras de callisto coretta

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