letras de c murder – watch yo enemies

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(c-murder talking)
ya’ll n-gg-s know one thing out there
this rap game is just like the dope game
p told ya watch your friends
but i’m tellin’ ya to um

(chorus 2x)
watch your mother f-ckin’ enemies
and you might live a long time
watch your mother f-ckin’ enemies
stay strapped cause the ghetto is so wicked now

i watch my mother f-ckin’ enemies, even watch myself
i know these n-gg-s wanna test me, but it’s bad for they health
my motto is, if you ain’t tru
then why the f-ck you up on me
i can tell by your look that your b-tch -ss is phony
my brother said c you know these n-gg-s gonna test ya
but only real tru n-gg-s don’t crack under pressure
ever since i could remember i been tru to da game
and now the mother f-ckin’ media wanna know where i got my name
i’ll start it off b-tch, i ain’t even rap tight
i smoke weed all day and sell dope at night
no limit soldier tatted on my arm best believe
cause if it’s life or death n-gg-, somebody gonna bleed
i got a tank full of hard n-gg-s, from front to end
but still i watch my enemies, and i watch my friends

(chorus 2x)

i been hustlin’ from the beginning makin’ cash to a million g’s
i hope you n-gg-s feel me
see every time i step on the scene i hear you n-gg-s call me
jealous cause you like my style you b-tches wanna ball with me
but i trust no n-gg-, whether he’s friend or foe
not tryin’ to step on no toes just let you b-tch n-gg-s know
my adversaries have died for f-ckin’ around with me
i know you n-gg-s can’t believe that i got c-murder down with me
boss n-gg-s so believe there could be no tighter crew
no truer 2, they gotta kill me to f-ck with you
i’m an -ss-ssin known for kickin’ -ss
show me who them n-gg-s are, and watch me start blastin’
it’s mr. magic, known for causin’ havoc
as long as i’m on your side, see there’s no need for panic
i got your mother f-ckin’ back for eternity
so when you slippin’ i’m watchin’ all your enemies

(chorus 2x)

- letras de c murder

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