letras de c-drizzle – memory lane

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
uh, and do you still remember me?
all the memories we had everything that we used to be?
we’d fall asleep on facetime and wake up in the morning
not a second in our history you could consider boring and uh
i seem to miss you still
before i go to bed i take a couple of pills
and during the day, i down a couple bottles
when i fall asleep i dream of you cause you’re model
uh, you seem to be doing just fine
every time i see you you’re hanging with other guys
you said you wanted to be friends i said i needed some time
i haven’t talked to you since then it’s just hard when your not mine and uh
i’ve tried to look for someone new
but it’s not so easy when i compare everyone to you
but at this point, i just want to know the truth
something must of happened this isn’t the real you
uh, and i know you’ll never tell me
you never told me anything always kept secrets from me
whenever i wanted to know, i’d go to your friends
then you’d get mad at me because i went to them and uh
sometimes we’d get into fights
we’d end up not talking for the rest of the night
then in the morning, someone would apologize
everything back to normal in our happy little paradise
uh, they say listen to your heart
but because i did that i got it torn right apart
there’s still pieces of my heart at the bottom of my chest
i’ve had so many girls but you were by far the best and uh
we were gonna push koda on the swings
right after high school gonna move to glenwood springs
but now i need an appointment with dr.phill
cause honestly, i miss you still

cause honestly, i miss you still
i miss you still

[verse 2]
uh, do you remember us still?
remember that time that we netflix and chill
family guy in my ears, but you in my eyes
my tongue in your mouth, my hand on your thighs and uh
our photos still on my phone
when i look at them i don’t feel so alone
photos of your birthday at the hotel
photos of you just looking gorgeous as hell
uh, and your birthday was great
you and i ate too much of that cookie cake
i met your brother for the first time, he was pretty cool
and how your friend kept showing herself off at the pool and uh
your mom let us share the shower
i felt comfortable with you, that was a nice half-hour
we chilled in bed until my dad showed up
i piggybacked you downstairs sorry you had to walk back up
uh, do you remember our first date
dinner at magianos d-mn that night was great
got two kids menus and colored in the picture
we asked the waiter who’s was better, you were the victor and uh
i wouldn’t mind my sweatshirt back
i wonder if my sweatshirts still even intact
you probably cut it in pieces, or burned it in a fire
i hope that’s not the case though that sweatshirt i admire
uh, we used to play wow together
we stayed up all night you’d thunder bluff me for pleasure
and because of you, i was addicted to that game
an antisocial nerd is who i became and uh
look at what we became
why don’t you take a trip with me down memory lane and uh
look at what we became
why don’t you take a trip with me down memory lane

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