busy signal – come over (miss you)

por favor espere um momento...

miss my baby
hope she ansa mi (busy)
h-llo [female voice]

[1st verse:]
h-llo baby can you come ova?
right now loneliness taking ova
me need you tonite ya me lovah
come warm me up under the covah
mek we rack till the lampshade turn ova
rub me chest rest yhu head pon me shouldah
ah mek we listen sum anita baker
mek love till we wake up the neighbah

gurl you’re all i need
and i’m always missing you
miss you miss you
miss you miss you baby
miss you miss you [x2]
i need your tenderness
i can’t resist you
miss you miss you
miss you miss you baby
me miss you miss you miss you

gal hug me up squeeze me tight n close
come har mek me brace yhu pon di king size post
me and you forever, gal nah go divorce
we toast to long life we ah prosper the most
love yhu tone ah voice wen yhu call mi name
ova an ova she scream again
inna mi arms me want yhu fi remain
till the sunshine c-m out again

[repeat chorus x2]

[repeat 1st verse]

[repeat chorus]

[repeat bridge]

[repeat chorus]

- letras de busy signal

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