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busted – sleeping with the light on

por favor espere um momento...

along she came, with her picture,
put it in a frame, so i won’t miss her,
got on a plane, from london; heathrow,
it seems such a shame, yea..

i feel her slipping through my fingers,
now she’s gone, i’m sleeping with the light on,
and shocks went through my veins now, that she’s gone,
i’m sleeping with the light on.

heard she’s engaged, spoke to her best friend,
no ones to blame, here’s where it all ends,
and i feel the pain, ’cause i’m without her,
i feel the pain.


i see the sight, with a different light,
words cannot describe the way i’m feeling,
’cause i’ve been searching in my head,
for the words i thought she’d said,
for too long.

[chorus x3]

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