letras de burden of grief – cold fire

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cold fire, it burns in me
desire, in my heart
for fire, in deep anger
it burns higher, in my head
cold fire, for me you are
a liar, d-mned in black
cold fire in the real world, like in a dream
we realise not all we see
my anger – frozen in my brain
but not for all the time, for all the time
my soul – in the middle of the war
among the honest and the evil
cold fire, from my lungs
i expire icy breath
cold fire, life in distress
minor as the time before
fire, it burns so hot
dire straits feel burning
fire, n-body can quench it
before the detonation will crush you too
my body out of control
my nerves are at the end
i can’t fight on against
the sorrow in my brain it makes me insane

- letras de burden of grief

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