letras de bulldozer – the death of gods

por favor espere um momento...

how many prophets have spoken about ‘idols’ fall?
too many kingdoms had worshipped their stupid gods

blood of countless sacrifices seems to be forgotten
power’s l-st never minds, any price is right

the new religion has reached it’s goal
the high priest takes possession of the martyr’s blood
a huge crowd of believers bow down in fear
the victims are proclaimed new living heroes
salvation and hope for the fools

the souls of the poors and the victims gather round
ready to rise on the very last night

who knows exactly what future will prepare?
the prophets and all the priests
will die in flames, beware

too many victims had been sacrificed
bullsh-t has been ever given to the poor
no more lies and no more crimes
don’t forget the children starved
they won’t forgive

- letras de bulldozer

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