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bruce springsteen – white town

por favor espere um momento...

it’s midnight down in sector twolittle girl walkin’ dressed in innocence and coolonly fourteen and dressed up for the scorehold that breath now boy, he(? )she dances, baby, to the beatof breaking gl-ss and running feetdown in white towndown in white towndown in white townoh, she comes home from work and grabs something to eatturn the corner and walks down her streetin a row of houses, chic, shiny and dirty and greydisappears like the scenery in another man’s playand as she dances, oh, to the beatoh the trooper stickin’ dresses for the number on the sheetdown in white towndown in white towndown in white towndown in white townyeah, mr. outside, you’re walkin’ so freeif you turn your eyes so you don’t seeyou act like you’re the hand turns the keyand you become the hand that turns the keyand no matter how i try i cannot understandthe way that they will turn a maninto a stranger in his own landdown in white town(repeat to fade)

- letras de bruce springsteen

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