bruce carroll – i know where i stand

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just like an actor, unsure of my lines,
i lived my life for other people, one lie at a time.
desperate for approval, always tryin’ to look good,
never sure of who i was or where i stood.
till you came into my heart, and exposed me with your light,
till you touched me with your love, and you healed me with your life.
i know where i stand, strong and secure,
i finally know who i am, i’m myself and i’m yours.
gonna stand on your promise, i always stand tall,
even when i fall, i know where i stand.
so good to be real now, to know and be known,
resting in your perfect love, my heart is finally home.
completely forgiven of all that i’ve done,
now i’m living my life for an audience of one.
finally sure of who i am, and i’m sure of who i’m not,
the insecurity is gone, because i live on the rock.
repeat chorus
i no longer live my life by what other people say,
but i only live for you, ’cause your love will never change.
and though people let me down, you’ll never turn away,
no you’ll never turn away, that’s why
repeat chorus

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