brent kirby – southside standing

por favor espere um momento...

clock hands held up in some nine to five jail

yea i busted out simple,

not a moment too soon

out the door felt the heat of the sun

in the breath of the afternoon

down the street where we said we’d meet

past them sidewalk cafes and the deal going down

looking forward to some dream realized

in this heartbreak of a town…

i’ll be on the south side standing

wearing black and blue

i’ll be on the south side standing

just waiting for you

light changed like some plot rearranged

i snapped outta trance and all this time had p-ssed

i always fall for these kind of things

but this one will be my last

day grew night and the neon burned bright

all this hustling and bustling starting to fade

heard your voice sound just like a machine

there’s just one thing i gotta say!

i was on the south side standing

just looking like a fool

if we could just count h-llos and goodbyes,

how many scenes been played

just one corner in this big old world

it means everything today

reflection’s tired in some busted up gl-ss

i hardly look my well worn years

kinda broken but somehow still scheming

sun shines like chandeliers,


finally found it true

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