brandy – how i feel

por favor espere um momento...

“how i feel”

[verse 1]
i thought about callin you (callin you)
but i changed my mind
the moment i thought about what you do to me, everytime
i’m trying to come home and see ya
you actin’ like you can’t make no time for me
so i’m puttin down this receiver
cause if you don’t know by now just how much i need ya

then you never know how i feel
this is only gonna change if you let it
and it’s real
so if you don’t do what i ask of you
oh woah oh
boy i’m still missing you so bad it’s pathetic
i’m for real
see i need more than your guarantees
boy you’re losing me

[verse 2]
you used to be so attentive
call me at least twice a day
but now i have no support, no incentive
to keep me loving you this way
i sit alone, wait in patience
for you return to me, and i can’t believe just as long as you take it
if you don’t know by now what mistake you’re making


[verse 3]
i hate it when you treat me like a burden and it hurts when i feel
like you don’t need me
i wanna believe that you love me
but it’s so hard to relax when you won’t call me back
blowing me off like it’s a wrap and just say that
cause i’m tired of complaining
if you ain’t ever gonna change it
then you can’t change the way i feel
no (no)

[chorus x2]


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