boize – tired of liars

por favor espere um momento...

i’m calling on all honest people won’t you raise your hands!
don’t be afraid don’t be ashamed, to get-up and take a stand!
why keep getting the run-around, the “don’t worry” slurr while in quicksand

they always say they’ll always say “we done the best we can”
(i’ll be d-mned)

“i’m busy, see ya later, i got to go”. remember those?
them sad expressions that are easily said, so hastily told.
they gotta find a way out of fear, do you know a place, where they can go?
take them away, send ’em away anyplace, our eyes won’t face anymore.

liars! -with evasive avenues.
tired of liars.
tired of their processed residue.
tired of liars.

promising love they don’t have.
tired of liars.
lip-service part of their act.
tiredof liars.
providing hope in their world.
tired of liars.
destroying lives with their words.
tired of liars.

give me some muscle

recalling on recalling honest people, raise your hands!
don’t be afraid, don’t be ashamed to get-up and take a stand, take a stand!

fist your hands!

tired of their processed residue.
tired of liars
liars- with evasive avenues.
tired?… tired!
liars i can’t stand the sight of you.
tired of liars.
i want nothing to do with you.
tired tired.
aren’t you tired?

- letras de boize

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