boize – get a life

por favor espere um momento...

know someone who keeps on preaching, keeps b-tching at all that’s impolite.

same someone is always threatening (with a look) the theories of life.
some people have nothing better to do, so they need to be told, once in a

get a life!

do you find yourself unable, not capable of standing for your rights.
get a life!
seek approval of every decision (that you make) for fear it’s not what they
get a life!
you might think you’ll get all the answers, on the t.v. tonight; get a

it’s you were talking too, you with the apt-tude, looking run-down, abused.

it’s calling-life-how appaling, lives stalling.
what you gonna do?

get a what?

so you figure you’ve covered all the angles, live at home and let someone
care a lot.
get a life!
get yourself some good ‘ol education, only to remember what you forgot.
get a life!
you might think you’ll get all the answers on the t.v. tonight.
get a life!

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