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blue october – sweet and somber pigeon wings

por favor espere um momento...

the sweet and somber pigeon wings,
cant we all recall when mama and papa,
were the sweet tooth christmas ball.
a picturesque holiday family.
of course i was small and all i knew was my grandpa,
but i really didn’t know him at all.

my blood, my cousins my calvary.
a piece of them gone but still i feel them strong,
when i reach for daivid ‘cuz our grandpa is gone.
i shout out…. i got love for the family.
my mother’s a da\oll and my father can stop any brawl,
pucker up i’d like to kiss you all.

open your eyes… a new song ‘cuz the family’s wrong,
so don’t lecture me.
but as far as i can see,
the stepmom, yeah the widow’s palm is what’s
crushing me,
and this family.
beyond my time
i’s beyond my time

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