blood red throne – a dream of death

por favor espere um momento...

a dream of death!
the sound of shovelled earth
a dream of death!
distant voices can still be heard

i open my eyes
but i cannot see
i scream unstrained
but i cannot breath

slowly choking
six feet under
a last gasp of breath
life fade away

i am living dead
eternal sleep
buried alive
in the light i never see

agonizing silence
buried with the book of lies
descriptions of evil
liberated from instinct dictation

casket walls are coming down
crushed under solid ground
living the pain
i am destined to die

time melt away
reanimated corpse
i slowly rot
beyond the suffering
memories remain
in my distorted inner self
but the bad dreams stay the same

a dream of death!
buried alive

a dream of death!
six feet under

a dream of death!
i smell death around me

a dream of death!
maggots inside me

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