letras de black knights – you don’t wanna fuck wit us

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: doc doom (monk)]
yeah, yeah, banged out
black knights, yeah banged out (not us)
gunshots rang out, rang out (yeah)
why, why, why, uh

[hook x2: doc doom]
you don’t wanna f-ck wit us
n-gg-s wanna f-ck wit the knights
you don’t wanna f-ck wit me
me and my n-gg-s stay banged out for life

[chorus: doc doom]
we banged out, gun shots rang out, we hang out
long beach, compton, n-gg-s’ll blow ya brains out
way out, who’s in the house?
wu-tang, black knights, the west coast killa bee gang

flow marvelous, born fatherless, street scientist
slash pharmacist, mic arsonist, spit hot sh-t that rock sh-t
harder than the aftershock, spaz a lot
rob you wit a mask or not, cold crash ya spot
yo, who got it locked, black knights, n-gg-s best act like
they heard, if they didn’t, all be spittin’ up half-pints
of blood, steppin’ to us, thinkin’ you thug
then turned b-tch, when n-gg-s don’t budge
and start spittin’ out slugs, immediately, i guarantee it’ll to be
a m-ssacre, splashin’ ya, hollow tips, bashin’ ya
wide open, exposin’ ya dome piece, get off long beach
the chrome heat, roll deep and don’t sleep
stay low key, i play the cut, drunk, eyes halfway shut
heat tucked, big barrel brushin’ my nuts
i’m no joke, so -n-lyze the words that i quote
it’s like i brush my teeth wit c-ke, every time i speak, it’s dope

[hook/chorus x2]

[doc doom]
you corny n-gg-s bore me, wit all ya tough talk and war stories
comedian m.c.’s wit more jokes than joe torre
real n-gg-s support me, cuz real recognize real
when i should be under the jail for the caps that i pealed
but cops can’t catch me, mr. flossy-flossy in a lexy
two thou’, jeep style, my gear dip freshly
come test me, you be another n-gg- on my sh-t-list
my hit-list, my rest-in-p-ss-list, dare you to diss this
gang, i claim, black knights and get that -ss beat
you n-gg-s is worst then b-tches these days, if you ask me
flippin’ the scripts, snitchin’ and sh-t
what’s that all about, n-gg-, i ought to put this f-ckin’ gun in ya mouth
and blow ya brains out, snitches get killed where i hang out
everybody and they momma out here is banged out
from compton and compton don’t raise no rats
we raised to scr-p, raised up to blaze the gat
like world war iii, that’s why i keep my guns off safety
it ain’t safe in these streets, i know n-gg-s that hate me
faithfully, just waitin’ for the day to erase me
that makes me, get the gat and react hasty


i speak of a cracker like a pin cushion and grind
n-gg-, i been pushin’ the line
so much jackin’ i should of gone blind, it’s black muslim on mind
overdosed, overdrive, override
who do the most? who keep it live? you know the coast, you know the side
where n-gg-s low-ride, bring drama and slang rocks
i hang wit compton and long beach n-gg-s but bang watts
and got seventeen shots, and ain’t a spot i don’t stay heated in
peace to my n-gg-s in the pen, who ain’t never gon’ see the street again
i spent a lifetime on the bottom, repped it good
in the midst of this modern day, gamorrah, inside i kept it hood
stood my ground, kept quiet til the black knights found me
now we bangin’ the kind of sh-t that’s started riots in the county

monk stay in the streets, lay low
he creep slow wit a slow bop
patrol cops, har-ss, tryin’ to find cracks and weed-bag
stashed in the cutter, compton up, who off the hook
stay banged out, in spots, where shots rang out
from past beef, do dirt, you stole, wear heats
down back streets, armed beats cruisers on mountain bikes
this the knights, f-ck you un-alikes, you stagnate, stuck wit no hope
we make bricks, hit after hits
straight out the dungeon pit, my sharp fatal sting picture flicks to
we run sh-t, from compton, long beach, watts, up north, sac’ down to the bay
n-gg-s step in my way, you get hit wit the “k”

[hook/chorus x2]

[outro: doc doom]
we banged out, banged out, n-gg-..

- letras de black knights

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