letras de big daddy kane – i’ll take you there

por favor espere um momento...

hear ye, hear ye, from far and near
the one they call the big daddy kane is here
to deliver a message to everyone everywhere
so listen up party people cause this you should hear
it’s a story of a far-away atmosphere
that you will find very rare and far beyond compare
all is sincere and rather debonair
so let’s all gather around, because…


what i discovered may just only seem
as something that you find in your wildest dream
but!on the real tip, you will see
i’m not playing, what i’m saying is reality
there is a place people live with joy
that the next man cannot come along and destroy
no one faces problems, no one says sorry
and war ain’t nothing but a game on atari
this message also applies to other nations
like africa for instance, where there’s starvation
but if you come with me, you’re sure to see
ethiopians can eat in red lobster for free
and people that you saw before that were poor
will never ever see the situation no more
cause in this world everyone’s a millionaire

are you sick?
and what the h-ll is welfare?
fashions are smashing for all to flaunt
and we can get anything that we want
so don’t think you can’t afford expensive design
because fresh gucci wear is only $5.99
so come ye all and attend this affair
as we journey to the promised land, and…



- letras de big daddy kane

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