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betchadupa – feed the dogs

por favor espere um momento...

my body’s old
i’ll sleep it out
and now i’m tired
open my eyes
last week was like
a starry sky
and all my friends
are in my band

family’s gone
they’ve said goodbye
and left you home
to feed the dogs
and mind the house
turn off the lights
it gives me inspiration to write

17, my eyes are green
i like to walk along the beach
dont talk to me
i’m meeting joe
in remuera

now its quiet
its late at night
and i’m alone
here with myself
dont talk at all
say goodnight
but no one cares
no one at all

for days extreme
insane is what i mean
your head enclosed
its safer on your own
i’ll wait, you’ll see
i’m stronger now it seems
cute day explodes
i know

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