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ben e king – the record (baby i love you)

por favor espere um momento...

h-llo, baby
i’m in a penny arcade
just put a quarter in now
to have this record made

i only have two minutes, baby
to tell you how much i love you
and when you hear this record playing
i hope it’s clear what i’m saying

baby (baby, i love you)
baby, yes, i do
(longing to kiss you)
girl, you know i do
(baby, i need you)
baby, yes, i do
(oh, how i miss you, baby)

i’m a thousand miles from home
play this record when you’re all alone
play it low, play it and listen
close your eyes, pretend we’re kissing

[repeat chorus]

a red light just went on in here
i guess that my time is up, dear
a second more to say goodbye
and say i’ll always be your guy

[repeat chorus 2x to fade]

- letras de ben e king

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