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bat for lashes – two planets

por favor espere um momento...

show me moonlight on the sunrise
i’ve seen so many planets dancing
i’ve seen too many people hiding
show me sunset and i won’t forget
that i am one of two planets dancing
i am part of two planets dancing

shallow man!
sign your name
on my sun!

the son of solomon
died in the battleground
the son of solomon
died in love’s battleground

i am full
shattered by this sailing time
for all your suffering by night
oh warm, but under bright
and life is so much dark and light
when day cannot exist without a night
and you are not separate from me
i am a heart that’s full of life

and to be shared
on this night
feel my hands
feel my life
for the sun
and the stars
are my mother
and my sister
i know where the form is changing
i know that the stars will follow me..

- letras de bat for lashes

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