badlands – violence vs. violence

por favor espere um momento...

fight fire with fire, that’s how the old saying goes
we must play it hard in order to defeat our foes
they’re numerous, unlike us united
we cannot change it if we stand divided

they’re forming gangs, terrorising every town
they’re spreading hate, a constant fear is all around
a country downfall we desperately see
if you resist you get killed by the enemy

violence against violence – the only solution
violence against violence – to fight the pollution
violence against violence – until the job is done
violence against violence – watching em’ run

roaming the streets, searching for casualties
in groups they operate, now deaht’s someone’s destiny
fighting like cowards, carrying guns and knives
with no remorse they might take away your life

we’ve had enough of their useless violence
our battle cry willend this painful silence
the lack of justice we’ll surely compensate
the fight has just begun, a war against their hate

- letras de badlands

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