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autopsy – grave violators

por favor espere um momento...

overturning tombstones
marble cracked and crushed
f-cking on the top of a crypt
smoking angel dust

drawing blood, spill it forth
seep into the ground
stomping thru the babies’ graves
pummel every mound

little coffins dug up
tiny corpses emptied out
impaled on the fences
spikes rammed thru
rotted pumpkin heads


“we pulled some more corpses;
bigger ones this time. we’d lay
’em down on a grave one at a time
and take a big huge piece of a
headstone we broke… and smash the
head like a rotted melon”

graveyard desecrated
rotted mess behind us
broken bodies scattered
amongst broken stone and gl-ss

- letras de autopsy

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