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aurora borealis – aggressive dynasty

por favor espere um momento...

this dominion has been ruled to long by those known as hyksos and i komose prince of thebes
vow to destroy to the utmost
thus my armies of upper egypt shall sail upon the great nile
for all the years of oppression and cruelty their souls soon shall fly
fly, to heavens skies
fly, spirits rise
with my legions before me like a fiery flame in the nigh
a hyksos vessel commands a force and confront us by the break of light
upon them like a hawk i close in, lions feasting on their prey
we continue to destroy on throughout until mid day
take slaves for our use, years of abuse
war goes on for weeks
their armies are becoming bleak
there is no where to turn
their ships we shall burn
suddenly i feel, a piercing makes me shrill
an arrow through my heart
my inner soul shall part
part ahmose successes me
make their end complete
dynasty, aggressive dynasty
they made a dynasty
aggressive dynasty

- letras de aurora borealis

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