audio two – hickeys around my neck

por favor espere um momento...

i, always hated hickeys all around my neck
but it was feelin pretty good so what, the heck
the hickey went on, and i went home
i tried to brush it off then i used a comb
the comb didn’t work it got bigger, and redder
giz said, “yo milk man you shouldn’ta let her”
but i did giz, and now i gotta get it off
i tried lotion but it just got soft
the hours went on, and on, and on
man – i wish the hickey was gone
but it wasn’t, and, my girl was comin over
i needed a plan, to try to get over
so i called king of chill i said, “what’s up man?
got a hickey on my neck, i need a plan”
he said, “yo milk why don’t you bust a turtleneck?”
i said that’s wack but what, the heck
i ran to my room but i couldn’t find one
then like star trek, _the search_ begun
i ran through my house from the bottom to the top
i got a bright idea, i’ll ask pop
i ran to dad, i said, “what’s up d?
i need a turtleneck, to cover this hickey”
he said, “oh son that just won’t work;
you’ll feel real hot and you’ll look like a jerk”
i said, “okay – then what’s your advice?”
he said, “go into the freezer, and get a piece of ice”
i said a piece of ice, to put on my neck?
it sounds real cold but what, the heck
i went into the freezer, and did what he said
i hope it would ‘ork, or else i’d be dead
i put the ice on and i waited, and waited
the hickey was gone – it faded, it faded
the time was then for my girl to appear
at the count of three, what did i hear?

one. {-scratch-. two {-scratch- three

it was the bell, as you can tell
as i opened the door, my eyes did swell
as i, saw somethin i thought i never would see
my girl chillin there with a great big hickey
i punched her in the mouth her lip i did wreck
that’s how i felt so what, the heck?
what, the heck?

(-dub instrumental of entire song repeats, minus milk vocals-)

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