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audio karate – the end won’t justify the means

por favor espere um momento...

your falling out again.
your begging at the knees.
she calls you over.
there’s nothing we can say to you.
but we won’t laugh this time.
friends are on your side.
but there’s no closure.
the end won’t justify the means.
when all you want is some attention.
and your friends don’t seem the same.
a face with no name.
and all you need is some affection.
you know she forgets your name.
cause if that’s what you want
you can have it
friends don’t matter, nothing’s in you.
pointless girls is what your into.
choosing girls over your friends.
you have no dignity.
she won’t be your bride.
friends will always be there til you die.
til you die.
how will this story end?
surprise in all your needs.
and what’s left over?
what a selfish friend that i can’t stand.
the search goes on and on.
reality’s off track.
when you get nowhere.
unless you find what your searching for.
a pretty girl that’s gonna use you.
if you need to -ssertain.
when you have no shame.
p-ssive clowns and girls abuse you.
what did you expect from him?
when you cry and beg her
stay forever.
there’s no bounds that you won’t go to.
submissive angles can’t respect you.
anything you say has lost it’s credibility.
will stop at 17.
a tragic end won’t justify the means.
na na na na… na na. (4)

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