assassin – six months

por favor espere um momento...

there’s only so much you can do
there’s only so much you can say
but until it happens to you
until things don’t go your way
when you find you’ve been taken for a fool
when life begins to slack
you’ve got to stand up and be strong
never look back
the night was a cold one
i thought it would never end
how could she say she loved me
it must have been all pretend
i thought we had a good thing
thought i never be alone
the phone rang
i feared the worst
she said she wouldn’t be home
it’s so easy to get into
but the hardest to get out
you give your heart
you give your soul
man whats that all about?
six months
looking back, yeah she hurt me
a feeling like i’ve never known
i forgive her
still love her
but won’t answer the phone
i pushed on, i was strong
i didn’t live the past
pride was all i had left
and i’m alive again at last
written by: finbarr regan
vocals by : finbarr regan
performed by finbarr regan and neville campbell barker..
copyright 1997

- letras de assassin

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