asa – jailer

por favor espere um momento...


i’m in chains you’re in chains too
i wear uniforms and you wear uniforms too
i’m a prisoner,
you’re a prisoner too mr jailer

i have fears you have fears too
i will die, you sef go die too
life is beautiful
don’t you think so too mr jailer

i’m talking to you jailer
stop calling me a prisoner
let he who is without sin –
be the first to cast the stone mr jailer, mr jailer man

you suppress all my strategies
you oppress every part of me
what you don’t know,
you’re a victim too mr jailer

you don’t care about my point of view
if i die another will work for you
so you treat me like a modern slave mr jailer


you see, if you’re walking in a market place
don’t throw stones
even if you do, you just might hit
one of your own
life is not about your policies
all the time
so you better rearrange your
philosophies and be good to your fellow man

[chorus x2]

i hear my baby say
i wanna be president
i wan chop money
from my government
what he don’t know
what he won’t know
what he can’t know
jailer, jailer oh
be good oh [x3] somebody
be good oh [x6]
jailer, jailer

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