arise – mother love

por favor espere um momento...

not a word was heard
at the tomb that day
just the shuffle of soldiers’ feet
as they guarded the grave
one day, two days
three days had p-ssed
could it be that jesus
breathed his last?

could it be that the father
had forsaken him?
turned his back on his son
despising our sin?
all h-ll seemed to whisper
“just forget it – he’s dead!”
then the father looked down
to his son and said…

arise my love!
arise my love!
the grave no longer has a hold on you!
no more death’s sting
no more suffering
my love

the earth trembled
and the tomb began to shake
and like lightning from heaven
the stone was rolled away
and as dead men, the guards
stood there in fright
as the power of love
displayed its might

then suddenly a melody
filled the air
riding wings of wind
it was ev’rywhere
the words all creation
had been longing to hear
the sweet sound of vict’ry
so loud and clear

repeat chorus (with echo)

sin, where are your shackles?
death, where is your sting?
h-ll has been defeated
the grave could not hold the king

repeat chorus (with echo)

- letras de arise

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