letras de aremitro$ – be me (feat. shakyraaa)

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i don’t wanna feel, like i’m faking it
i don’t wanna feel like i’m faking it
with youuu with you

if i can’t be, if i can’t be me
i don’t wanna deal with it
i don’t wanna feel like i’m faking it ohhh

i know that i got issues ohh
don’t know how i feel in love
you know i’m traumatized from the past you know i aint gone lie about that
i’m used to giving up
tell me that you here for us
i cant cope with these feelings oh
and that ain’t good enough
i’m just protecting myself
i don’t wanna be the trophy on the shelf uhh
when they go missing who listening
negative thoughts reminiscing it
i blame myself know i did it
cause i felt the pain but i couldn’t admit it
tell me am i right or wrong
me and my emotions don’t get along
i don’t know what to do, i got too much to lose
i wanna get better, demons wanting me to let up
but i’m still here
i just gotta let go of these feelings

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