anything box – someone speaks

por favor espere um momento...

? have you read the paper?”
said the man in the overcoat
“girl of twenty-one just hung herself
isn’t it a shame?”

after all the words have made me feel
what i wanted
“i am so alone,” is all she left
by her bedside

“have you seen the child who has no name”
said the little girl
“have you seen him playing in the street
hopelessly insane”

after all the tears just caved him in
he still wonders
after all the seconds p-ssed away
i just turned

have you heard the story at the end
of another day?
did it make a gesture in your soul?
did it go away?

as you held the promise of the sun
and tomorrow
as you woke to find that you have changed
now you’re older

someone speaks
someone speaks
someone speaks
you will listen
someone weeps

someone speaks
someone speaks

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