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anvil – brain burn

por favor espere um momento...

your mouth is bigger
than a two car garage
an -ssault to my ears
a verbal barrage
your point of view is nowhere
nowhere like you
your att-tude stinks
like the garbage you spew

brain burn
you give me brain burn

superficial outlook
shallow to the core
minuscule mind games
you’re nothing but a bore
out of sight, out of mind
out of touch, out of time

you think you’re right
but you’re always proven wrong
the proof is in the pudding
the way you sing your song
out of touch, out of time

nothin but a bonehead
solid as a rock
you make me laugh
you’re something to mock
you play it safe
and never take a chance
you’re just a wimp
you can see it in a glance
out of sight, out of mind

brain burn!

- letras de anvil

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