anthem – you don’t know

por favor espere um momento...

well close your eyes
aren’t you surprised
to hear my voice again.
i came back here
to make it clear
now’s no time to pretend
step back through the doors
the future’s yours
ride through the sunset with me
don’t waste a day
be on your way
there’s something you should see
nose to the grindstone
name on a headstone
work your fingers to the bone
get back to it,
know you gotta do it
you’ll wind up all alone…
well now’s the time
for you to be mine
or are you on you’re own
i got no fears
i won’t shed no tears
if you leave me alone
why don’t you stay
with me today
be here forever more
it’s at its end
it won’t hurt again
i’m on my way out the door.
you wanna get around
don’t bring me down
don’t drive me into the ground.
get back to it,
know you gotta do it,
troubled is he who wears the crown…
well it’s dark tonight
but i see the light
i want you outta my mind.
come back to me
i’m gonna make you see
our worst days are behind
in a hundred years
no one will hear
the tale of me and you
but for today
before i go away
there’s one thing you should do.
let the bridge burn
take your turn
work real hard for something you’ll never earn
get back to it
know you gotta do it
i won’t be here when the lesson’s learned.

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