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anne haigis – beautiful world

por favor espere um momento...

tell me you’re leaving as you slam the door
you say it’s got you beat
i sit and wonder what you waited for
workink both sides of the street
you’ve got your alibis i’ve got mine
we can take easy way out
how can we make it if we both stop trying
that’s not what this is all about

and i can’t stop you now
you can go where you want to go
can i find a way to let you know

that it’s a beautiful world
a beautiful night
why don’t we take it easy
why do we have to fight
so lay down here beside me
my beautiful man
let me make it right now
it’s a beautiful world

now i know there’s thinas about me
you can’t stand
i hear it often enough
i know it’s lonely with a travelling girl
i know it gets pretty rough
but when i’m out there doing my job
out on the avenue
when you ain’nt there baby something gets lost
i get lonely too
when i roll back home
and you’re not there
this is one big empty city
no love left in the air – anywhere

it’s a beautiful world
why don’t we take it easy
my beautiful man

- letras de anne haigis

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