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ancient wisdom – spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms

por favor espere um momento...

plunged down are the twelve holy gates
shattered angels, their blood stains the golden streets
demonhordes, blaspheme the image of god
seven spirits dead, never to be seen again

the spiritual strenght of h-ll smashed the chain
the great dragon, free to reign supreme
the sky is darkened by the abyss smoke
the thousand years, never to come again

twelve apostles of the lamb thrown into the lake of burning sulphur,
for those are now truly slaves under the h-rned one, the father of all time:
: the second death awaits those, who’s name was written in the book of life:

the second war, in the heavenly realms
servants of god, tormented in the lake
their thrones are burned and the lamb cries
jesus christ, never to be worshipped again

and the battle is over
the “glory” of god is buried
and so is his kingdom
the ancient serpent stands tall
the dragon: the beast: the father: the devil: lord satan: hail him.

- letras de ancient wisdom

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