anasasis – scream like everyone’s listening

por favor espere um momento...


when we wake in the dark,
we see shadowed faces,
and we make beleive everythings alright,
but your touch woke me,
away from this place you should


the forced smiles,
not like those,
shown by you,

those words i heard,
make me loose,
the will that i once had,

fake the kindness,
from the lips that speak,
you have no purpose (you should know! )
atleast i’m real,

[end screaming]

whoa, whoa!

i can barely breath,
when your staring at my heart,
oh, and when you seem to be happy,
i know that your lying,
oh, oh, oh…


high ubove,
there’s no way out now,
your inside my lungs,
inhaled like a drug,

how we used to be,
(please hold me close)
and never let me go,
(please promise to)
always want me,
(you know that words can’t be forgotten)

[scream part 2x and end of song]

- letras de anasasis

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