ammar hamed – amiga

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
arcade is back and now he’s k!llin’ it, he’s k!llin’ it
roemello, hoviar got nothing on me yeah i’m spinning this
winning b-tch, chilling with, prophit he is drilling sh-t
i know you all are digging this, this is the beginning kid
fill in switch, arcade is infected by a k!ller glitch
fixing it consider it finished quick by a wicked witch
god d-mn what a snitch, a bad b-tch time to switch
obie trice, pay the price, and jump off the freaking bridge
malware isn’t fair, cause we’re not even aware
if it’s there, we beware or we still don’t seem to care
mothers boards with sinuses, yes they are viruses
this crisis is a riot and we still gotta silence it
i saved arcade in the past and now he’s at the highest
i owed him something in return, i feel so freaking righteous
the finest, the start of it all, the flying pilot
i’ll tell you the story, just please let me describe it

[verse 2]
arcade was once a genesis like me before
til’ he became a legend and walked out the door
he leveled up, lived a retro life, earned his high score
a pretty simple story what can i say more
updated to an amiga, i mean amiga
eureka, he was always a dreamer and his demeanor
showed he’ll one day be the bomb like hiroshima
he’ll have many tranquil fans wait for him to redeem ya
lead you to the treasure of life, enter the pleasure
theres an overload, error, this isn’t getting better
arcade has all the raw data, speeding no sega
he’ll do us a favor, always treat you like a neighbor
promise this will change his performance and his behavior
this will make safer this will be his savior and greater
than everybody else that claims to be a hater
no time for this, see you later, game over omega

barricade the arcade
he is on his last stage
you’ll remember his name
once he’s done with this game
he won’t ever be the same
after all of his fame
all of you must feel shamed
look what he has became
see what he has proclaimed
he makes you all seem lame
swear he’ll be on this stage
i will make a huge wage
that he’ll change the new age
everyone will soon praise
he will leave you amazed
promise you will soon say
arcade is always gonna be the best
arcade will leave everybody obsessed
the arcade upgrade is at your request

- letras de ammar hamed

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