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ambrosia – time waits for no one

por favor espere um momento...

hurry up, get along, be on your way
and make sure that your certain
it’s not the wrong day
punctual people are lost in their plight
to become unprecedented when they arrive

why am i searching and when will i know?
are the years that i’ve waited with nothing to show?
i’m ready to listen i’m ready to win
but i can’t wait much longer before we begin

time waits for no one
time waits for no one
no one, no one

there’s time to conceive in and time to expire
though the time ‘twixt the two tells the tale
that transpires so why must we continually disturb the universe
with decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse

so people don’t worry ’bout where you’ve gone wrong
’cause you know if you hurry it takes twice as long
relax and forget about what’s to be done, it’s time to have fun

time waits for no one
time waits for no one

it really doesn’t matter much to me
i know the best times are timeless
you’ll see

- letras de ambrosia

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